Welcome to the blog for Global 09-10! Over the next five months you can visit this site to follow the adventures of 25 St. Olaf students as they migrate east across the globe.

Professor Jonathan Hill of the English Dept and his wife Barbara are leading the group to 9 different countries in 5 months. Our itinerary is as follows:

Geneva, Switzerland-August 29-September 3
Istanbul, Turkey-September 3-September 11
Cairo, Egypt-September 11-October 10
Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, India-October 10-November 17
Thailand-November 17-November 24
Hong Kong-November 24-December 23
Mainland China-December 23-January 2
Seoul, South Korea-January 2-January 25

Through these countries, we will be taking a course under Professor Hill entitled “travel writing.” We will be challenged with the task of putting our emotions, adventures, sights, smells, and tastes in words. This blog will be regularly updated with samples from our daily travel writing and some photos we’ve taken.

As we embark on this adventure, we hope you will enjoy our blog. We are venturing out into a big world, a great unknown. But we hope that through our relationships, through our struggles and celebrations, through our observations of those unlike us through and our writing, we will be able to process our experiences and be open to what this world has to offer.

25 responses to “Intro

  1. I wish I were going with you! Yes, bon voyage indeed.

  2. Hooray, Everyone, it looks great.

  3. This blog is a fantastic idea! Can’t wait to read about what you guys experience on your journey!

  4. Blessings, dear Carrie! I will await news of your journey around the world. Have fun and know I’ll be sending love! Lydia

  5. Barbara and Jim Haber

    We’re so excited for all of you. Our thoughts and prayers are with you for a safe and wonderful adventure.

  6. Claire Petersen

    Wahoo! Safe travels! I am so excited for you all and cannot wait to hear of your adventures!

  7. Anna-Vibeke Eilert

    Bon voyage! I look forward to reading your blog. Lots of love from London!

  8. Have a Lindt chocolate for me in Switzerland!
    marty swain (Carrie’s Mom)

  9. Sounds fabulous so far. Looking forward to hearing about Turkey next!

  10. Good luck Carrie (and everyone, of course). Have a great time!

  11. Sorry, Nat, that I couldn’t be there to see you off. Have a great time. We have been to all except Korea and India so will re-live much of the trip. Love, Boppa

  12. Your Globel sounds wonderful! Learn, grow, build relationships, and have fun. Hi Natalie!

  13. Love and blessings to you on your wonderful journey, sweet niece! Your article is excellent, a beautiful expression of a truly touching moment. I felt I was right there at your side too (and wish I could be!!) May you and the entire group revel in all your amazing experiences and bring joy to all you meet!

  14. Uncle Jim and I wish you the best time ever, sweet Alyssa. Hope to hear from you often and share in the wonderful experiences you will surely be having. Be sure to take of yourself because we love you very much.

  15. Sure hope I’m doing it right to send you e-mails, because I see Bob Neal’s each time, but none of mine. Just want you to know I love reading of your great experiences and that you are thought of and prayer for continuously–much love, Nana

  16. We are loving your tales & thoughts! Have had some of the same in l955 when I was an AFS student. It was a life changing experience. Eat it up and keep up the great writing. Love Gramma

  17. Wow, you are a fantastic writer. The only thing I can suggest though is a big, burly bodyguard!!!!!

  18. Hi Carrie,
    Thanks for the update…we love hearing from you and reading the comments on the blog. Lucy was here for her 50th reunion in Mound and we had a great time seeing her.
    jason is back in the hospital…he is improving each day. Take care,
    lots of love,

  19. Hello to everyone,
    You are in India, one of my favorite countries to visit. I have made 10 trips to India and loved every minute of each trip. The food is always an adventure…eat everything cooked and drink bottled water of maybe a beer or two and all will be perfect. The spices and flavors of India are the best and shopping isn’t bad either.
    Ron Swain (Carrie’s step dad)

  20. India! I was there in 1963, dear Carrie and friends, and remember going outside and gasping with the day’s heat! The colors and sights and sounds will never leave my memory – Delhi, Agra , Jaipur — the Taj Mahal. Yes to all you’re experiencing of this beautiful, wonderful land. I’ll have to show you my “old movies” when you return!! Love and joy to you, Lydia

  21. Oh Global… every day is a little adventure of remembering the good times, wishing I was traveling again, and being so, so excited for your group. Thanks for the blog, and travel safe!

    Love from Global 08-09

  22. Hello Nat! Love reading your beautifully written adventures! Sounds like you are having experiences of a lifetime….so happy for you! Any special birthday plans? Would love to be there to help celebrate like last year 🙂 Keep taking it all in and know you are thought of often and prayed for! Love you tons! Aunt Jenn

  23. Hi Sweetie: Hope you have just a wonderful birthday!!!!! You’re in our prayers and our hearts always. Love ya, Nana

  24. Happy Thanksgiving, doll. I know I’m thankful for you!!!!!! Love ya, Nana

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