When writing to a person in this program, the envelope should be addressed in the normal way except that the name of the country should always be in a separate line, example

Ole Traveler
Centre International Reforme
27, chemin des Crets-de-Pregny
CH-1218 Grand-Saconnex, Geneve

In the lower left corner of the envelope should be written:  “St. Olaf Program.”

Note that airmail is the only acceptable way.  You should allow a minimum of ten days for a letter to reach an address.  It is not a problem if a letter gets to its destination ahead of the group.  It will always be waiting for the addressee.

Airmail postage is 98 cents per ounce.

In the listing on the reverse side of this page, the first date is the date of arrival, the last is the date of departure.  In most cases, mail is not delivered on Sundays.  Avoid addressing letters to places where the group only spends a few days.

NOTE: Packages sent to most locations WILL NOT arrive intact. And, if they do arrive in country, it can be a lengthy, difficult and sometimes costly process for your son or daughter to try to get it from the post office.  In addition, they may be searched and items stolen.   We recommend that you send packages only to Hong Kong.


August 30-Sept 2
Centre International Reforme
27, chemin des Crets-de-Pregny
CH-1218 Grand-Saconnex, Geneve
Tel:  011-41-22-747 0000

September 2
Hôtel  Stars Genève Aéroport
Chemin de Colovrex
01210 Ferney Voltaire
Tél. : 011-33 4 50 40 52 59
Fax : 011-33 4 50 40 52 74

Sept 4-11
The Golden Horn Hotel
Ebusuud Caddesi 44
Sirkeci 34410
Tel: 011-90-212-519 7474
Fax: 011-90-212-512 7844

September 11-October 10
Group stays at Cosmopolitan Hotel
Tel: 011-20-2-392-3956
Fax: 011-20-2-393-3531

Mail should be addressed to:
C/o Sherif Amer
Director of Special Academic Programs
Office of International Programs
American University in Cairo
P.O. Box 2511
Cairo 11511

October 10-15
YMCA international House
18 YMCA Road
Mumbai Central
Mumbai – 400008
Tel: 011-91-22 23070601

October 15 – November 14
Ecumenical Christian Centre
P. Bag No. 11, Whitefield
Bangalore  560 066
Tel:  011-91-80-2845 2270
FAX: 011- 91-80-28452653

November 14-17
New Delhi – To be announced

November 17-24
Bangkok – Break

November 24- December 23
Horizon Suite Hotel
20 On Chun Street
Ma On Shan
Shatin, New Territories
Tel: 011-852-3166-0006

December 23-26
International Exchange Division
East China Normal University
3663 Zhong Shan Road
Shanghai 200062
Tel:  011-86-21-6257 2289

December 27-January 2
Traveling in China – Addresses TBA

January 2-25
Division of International Education
Yonsei University
134 Shinchon-Dong, Sodaemoon-ku
Seoul 120-749
Tel: 011-822-362-2812 (Int’l. Dorm)


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