Leave Minneapolis August 28th for Newwark, NJ

Geneva: Saturday August 29th-Thursday September 3rd
Lectures at the United Nations

Istanbul: Thursday September 3rd- Friday September 11th
Starting our Writing Travel class with Jonathan and exploring the city.

Cairo, Egypt: Friday September 11th- Saturday October 10th
American University in Cairo: Themes in Ancient Graeco-Roman and Islamic Egyptian History (HWC)

India: Saturday October 10th- Tuesday November 17th
*We fly into Mumbai then stay most of the month in Bangalore at the ECC,  then to Chennau and finally Delhi
Eccumenical Christian Center: Religions of India

Thailand: Tuesday November 17th- Tuesday November 24th
Fall Break

Hong Kong: Tuesday November 24th- Wednesday December 23rd
Hong Kong University : Arts of China  (ALS-A, MCS-G)

Shanghai: Wednesday December 23rd- Saturday December 26th

Beijing: Saturday December 26th- saturday January 2nd

Seoul, South Korea: Saturday January 2nd- Monday January 25th
Yonsei University: Korean Society (HBS, MCS-G)


One response to “Itinerary

  1. For Jonny,

    My son Thomas taught EFL in Daegu for 2 years but is now in Oman. Don’t annoy the Northerners!


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